Bible Chapter Order Explanation

I just wanted to take today’s post to explain for a moment my method of going through each chapter in the Bible.  If you’ve been reading lately, you’ll notice that I’m jumping around from 1 Samuel to Psalms and back.  This will continue as I soon move into 2 Samuel and beyond.  My goal is to discuss EVERY chapter of the Bible in chronological order.  There’s probably some debate as to the proper chronological order but I figure the source I’m using is close enough.  In case you’re curious, I’m using the order suggested by

Given that much of Psalms are songs of David praising God and the books of Samuel focus on David, there’s quite a bit of back and forth.  I am not a fan of Psalms, but my goal all along has been to read and discuss EVERY chapter.  Thus I’m stuck with Psalms.  It’s very repetitive in theme with David constantly praising God and begging God to save him.

I ask you to bear with me.  Some chapters are more interesting (or in many cases, crazy) than others.  Look at the bright side.  I’m not doing all 100+ chapters of Psalms at one time in order from the first to the last.  🙂


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