Zachrilege Cast Podcast

Let me take just a few moments of your time today to share with you another wonderful Atheist themed podcast that is out there in the podcast world.  I’ve been listening to the Zachrilege Cast podcast for several months now and thoroughly enjoy it.

Zachrilege Cast

This podcast is hosted by a guy named Zach…I assume.  Actually, as I write this I can’t remember his name!  Yikes!  Go to the link above to listen to his podcast episodes and you’ll learn his name!  Anyway, he puts together a great podcast.  Most episodes involve him interviewing and chatting with another Atheist or two, often within the podcast community, but not always.

I don’t know Zach but he sounds like a great guy who is genuinely interested in promoting positive Atheism and making the world a better place.  You can help him by listening to his podcast!

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