Introduction to 2 Samuel

The second book of Samuel picks up where the first book ended, with Saul’s death.  Samuel bit the dust in the first book and Saul bit the dust near the end of the second book.  2 Samuel starts with David learning of the death of Saul, which essentially means David is now king of Israel.  As with most biblical chapters, no one really knows who wrote them, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying.  Most of 1 Samuel is credited to Samuel but there’s no real evidence that Samuel of the Bible ever existed, as is true with pretty much all of the Old Testament.  The latter part of 1 Samuel and all of 2 Samuel is credited by some to be written by the prophets Gad and Nathan, but again there is no evidence and much dispute.

So what should we expect in 2 Samuel?  We will see David officially announced king of Israel.  We will see more battles and victories by David.  We will see more blood and death and murdering of innocents, including women, children, and babies.  We will see promises by God to David.  We will also see the start of the line of ancestry to Jesus in the New Testament.  Basically we will learn that we are all more moral than David and God.  Along the way I’ll be switching back and forth between 2 Samuel, Psalms, and 1 Chronicles.  Much of Psalms is David praising God and much of 1 Chronicles involves David, so it makes sense to discuss these chapters at the same time.

You know you can’t wait!!!  🙂


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