1 Chronicles – Chapter 1: Historical Records From Adam to Abraham

Today’s focus is on the first chapter of 1 Chronicles.  As stated in previous posts, there’s a common timeline between 2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles, and Psalms, so there will be much switching back and forth.  To be honest with you, there’s not much to discuss in this chapter.  It’s nothing more than the genealogy from Adam to Abraham.  We saw much of this back in Genesis.  I find these a bit interesting just to learn which characters in the Bible came from which other characters.  The other item I’d point out is that it is these genealogical records (granted, most likely fiction) that some historical ‘scholars’ use to determine the Earth is 6,000 years old.  They start with a literal interpretation of the creation stories in Genesis.  Yes, there were two of them!  They then count the number of years through each family line in the Bible and come up with 6,000 years.  It ignores all science, but by god it’s what the book says!  🙂

Coming Soon:  1 Chronicles – Chapter 2:  Israel’s Sons


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