Psalms – Chapter 92: A psalm. A song. For the Sabbath day.

In our last chapter of Psalms, Psalms 88, David complains God is dishing him a bad hand.  That’s my interpretation, but David talks about the ways in which God has caused him great suffering.  By the time Psalms 92 rolls around, David is back to praising God without question.

“For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord; I sing for joy at what your hands have done.” – Psalms 92:4

Glad?  You just got done complaining about God placing you in the darkest depths of a pit.  And now you’re glad?  Who’s worse in the Bible?  God or David?  Hard to tell sometimes.

“Senseless people do not know…” – Psalms 92:6

Count me a proud member among the senseless!

“For surely your enemies, Lord, surely your enemies will perish; all evildoers will be scattered.” – Psalms 92:9

Given the Bible confirms God created evil (Isaiah 45:7), enemies are not going to perish and evil is not going to disappear.  The god of the Bible will always make sure there is more evil to be found, probably by hardening a few more hearts.

“You have exalted my horn like that of a wild ox; fine oils have been poured on me.” – Psalms 92:10

Exalted my horn?  ROFL!  And thus erotica is created!

“The Lord is upright; he is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in him.” – Psalms 92:15

Any god demanding children be killed is, by definition, filled with wickedness.

Psalms is an interesting book that switches from praising God for several chapters, then complaining of how God has disappeared, only to then switch back and praise God again.  Sigh.

Coming Soon:  Psalms – Chapter 93


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