Solar Eclipse Craziness

For those who witnessed the total solar eclipse last month, I’m sure it was quite the sight.  Even for myself, who only saw a partial eclipse, the event was quite impressive.  Most people, including most Christians, saw the event for what it was.  A scientific event in which the moon passed in front of the Sun and blocked most of the Sun’s light from reaching the surface of the Earth.  For a few others, however, the event was of literal biblical proportions.  There were reports of pastors claiming this was a sign of Satan’s return.  Really?  The moon moving in front of the Sun, as it typically does every couple of years somewhere on Earth, is a sign of Satan???  Oh for fuck’s sake.  How many of the extreme Christians hid in their basements during the eclipse for fear of Satan consuming their soul?  LOL!  Oh well, their loss.  I on the other hand opened my heart wide for Satan, our future overlord.  LOL!  And I will open it again in 2024 when the next total solar eclipse comes to the U.S.  After all, the extreme Christians need a reason to convince themselves Satan is returning.  The more I think about it, are extreme Christians welcoming the return of Jesus or the return of Satan?  Seems like they spend much more time talking about the return of Satan than they do Jesus.


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