Review of 2 Samuel

In the last post, two days ago, I discussed the last chapter of 2 Samuel.  Before moving on to the next chapter, 1 Chronicles 21, let me do a quick recap of 2 Samuel.  2 Samuel was the story (to be clear, fictional) of David becoming King of the Israelites.  David is God’s chosen lackey and is not a very kind ruler.  David commits adultery, impregnates the woman, and then kills the woman’s husband.  What does God do?  Nothing!  Later God kills David’s young son which is beyond ridiculous.  David is the one who committed adultery, not the young child.   The young child was innocent, yet God is known for punishing the innocent.

In addition to this crazy story, we also see another of David’s sons rebelling and fighting against his father for control of the land.  Many people were killed and eventually David regains control of the land and the people.  Where was God?  Doing nothing to negotiate peace, that’s for sure.  Even in the last chapter we see God punishing the people by offering them their choice of severe punishment.

To sum it up in just a few key words, 2 Samuel was all about rape, murder, destruction, and bloodshed.  During all of this we switched back and forth to Psalms and ‘learned’ how great and forgiving and just God is to his people.  Um…tell that to those who were raped and brutally murdered and their families.  This is not a forgiving god and this is not a just god.  The god of 2 Samuel is far different than the god of Psalms.  In 2 Samuel we see the actual actions of the god of the Bible while in Psalms we see David’s version of this awful god.  David’s version apologizes/lies/changes the true god of the Bible.  The true god of the Bible is evil and immoral.  2 Samuel is VERY clear on this.

Coming Soon:  1 Chronicles – Chapter 21:  David Counts the Fighting Men

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