Do Catholics Read the Bible Every Three Years?

Today’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday is just a bit different.  There’s no specific verse(s) but there is a heavy load of crazy!  I’ve heard it said several times that Catholics attending church every week will read the Bible in its entirety every three years.  How?  Supposedly the entire Bible is covered in Catholic sermons once every three years, therefore Catholics can claim they read the Bible every three years.  Do you know what I have to say about this?  Bullshit!

There are several reason why this is bullshit.  For starters, I guarantee you every verse in the Bible is not covered.  How do I know this?  Ezekiel 23:20.  Look it up.  This verse has NEVER been discussed in a church sermon.  Read it and you’ll know why.  Another reason this is bullshit is due to the FACT there are 1,189 chapters in the Bible.  Let’s say you attend sermons weekly for three years.  This is a total of 156 sermons.  To cover the entire Bible, each sermon must cover, on average, 7-8 chapters.  In terms of verses, this works out to about 199 verses per sermon.

I don’t doubt 7-8 chapters per sermon is possible, but this is NOT the same as reading the Bible.  I imagine a few verses per chapter are selected or an overview of a chapter is given, but the chapter is not read in its entirety.  That is not possible to accomplish in 3 years.  In addition, this is NOT reading the Bible.  This is listening to someone else’s interpretation of the Bible.

To all Catholics who say they ‘read’ the Bible every 3 years by attending weekly sermons, please stop apologizing for the fact that you’ve never read the Bible, never intend to read the Bible, and most likely rarely, if ever, attend a church service.  Like most Christians, you are a fake Christian who has no idea what the Bible contains.  Your typical Atheist knows far more about the Bible than you.

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