1 Chronicles Recap

Last week I finished the last chapter of 1 Chronicles, so here’s a brief recap of the book before moving on.  Much of 1 Chronicles is a direct copy, word for word, of 2 Samuel, although there are a few contradictions.  It’s hard for me to understand what the men who decided which books would be included in the Bible were thinking.  For starters, why include books that are direct copies of each other?  Second, why include books that are almost direct copies but contain contradictions?  I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it many more times in the future, but the Bible would be much more believable if the contradictions were removed.  Had the Bible makers been more careful and removed much of the impossible nonsense, the Bible, although still a bit crazy, comes across as a much more rational book.

Not all of 1 Chronicles is a copy of 2 Samuel, however.  The last several chapters of 1 Chronicles include a listing of which tribes are responsible for which jobs in the Israelite society.  The Bible has many chapters that drone on and on about who does what.  Nothing important, but chapters that take up a great deal of space.  Christians describe this as a book of morals to live one’s life by, but unfortunately the Bible is stuffed full of lists of who does what and is lacking in actual morals.  Simple morals too, such as not raping, killing, stealing, etc.  There’s a lot of hate in 1 Chronicles that it is clear the Bible is not a book of morals.

The book of 1 Chronicles also brings us the end of David as leader of the Israelites.  David passes his throne to his son, Solomon, and dies of old age near the end of the book.  David was not a good character, killing thousands, if not tens of thousands, and raping as many or more women.  All under the protective eyes of God.  A book of morals?  Nope.


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