Introduction to 1 Kings

David is dead and the reign of Solomon as leader of the Israelites has begun.  Very soon I’ll discuss the first chapter of the book of 1 Kings, but first let me provide a brief intro of what to expect in 1 Kings.

1 Kings presents a history of Israel from the time of David’s death forward for a handful of centuries.  Supposedly this book was written by Jeremiah, a prophet, but as always, we really have no idea who wrote most chapters in the Bible, so it’s ridiculous to claim a specific person wrote the book.

Basically what we’ll see in this book is several chapters devoted to God taking care of the Israelites, then the Israelites doing something stupid/wrong in the eyes of God, followed by God reigning destruction on the Israelites.  In other words we’ll see God at his asshole best.

Stay tuned.  In two days I’ll post my discussion on the first chapter of 1 Kings.

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