2 Samuel 14:25-26

Today’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday was found by taking a look at the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible section on ‘Science’.

“In all Israel there was not a man so highly praised for his handsome appearance as Absalom. From the top of his head to the sole of his foot there was no blemish in him. Whenever he cut the hair of his head—he used to cut his hair once a year because it became too heavy for him—he would weigh it, and its weight was two hundred shekels by the royal standard.” – 2 Samuel 14:25-26

How heavy is 200 shekels?  Turns out it is equivalent to 5 pounds.  That’s a lot of added weight on your head!  A human head weighs 10 pounds, so supposedly this man had an additional 50% weight permanently added to his head.  Guess what?  This didn’t happen.  He’d have extreme trouble holding up his head and have severe neck/muscle pain.  For comparison’s sake, a full head of long hair will weigh about a half of a pound.

Once again, the Bible fails at the truth.  You can have a lot of hair on your head that weighs well under a pound.  There’s no need to exaggerate to ridiculous levels and say there was a head of hair weighing 5 pounds.  Sheesh.

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