Proverbs – Chapter 2: Moral Benefits of Wisdom

Oh goodie!  Today we get to learn the moral benefits of biblical wisdom.  This out to be good.

“…then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.” – Proverbs 2:5

No one should ever have to understand fearing someone else.  This is child abuse. Plain and simple.

“Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men…” – Proverbs 2:12

Who brought evil into this world?  God. So by gaining wisdom we learn the ways of the wicked, including God who brought wickedness into this world.  LOL!

“Wisdom will save you also from the adulterous woman…” – Proverbs 2:16

Maybe, and I know this is crazy, but maybe, just maybe don’t have sex with the woman.  Just a thought.

Wait…where are the moral benefits?  Not sleeping with an adulterous woman?  Seriously? That’s it?!?!? You don’t need wisdom to make that decision.  You just make the decision. Either you have sex, or you don’t. What a disappointing chapter!  I was looking for moral benefits!!!

Coming Soon:  Proverbs – Chapter 3:  Wisdom Bestows Well-Being

One thought on “Proverbs – Chapter 2: Moral Benefits of Wisdom

  1. Primitivism is revealed on each page. Even in the early centuries the broader educated cultural derided Christianity as being observed and totally ridiculous. The epicurean movement and fallowers of Lucretius were already cogitating atomic theory and a precursor to the theory of evaluation. They could not believe how an educated person would take the religion seriously.


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