Summary of Ecclesiastes

I recently finished discussing all twelve chapters in the book of Ecclesiastes. This was an interesting book that is supposedly the words of a wise man on the meaning of life. The meaning of life, however, is life is meaningless. At times the book tells us to enjoy life, but at other times it states life is meaningless and it doesn’t matter what we do.

But it does matter what we do because the wise man speaking ends the book telling us we must worship God, follow his laws, fear him, and be ready to be judged by God whether we do good or evil. But here’s the catch, to follow God’s laws by definition means you will commit evil. God commands and/or condones slavery, rape, murder, etc. God commands evil acts. So either you ignore God and commit evil in his eyes, or you obey God and you commit evil in his eyes. There’s no escape.

Thinking further on this, if you believe in the God of the Bible, yes, life is meaningless, for no matter what you do, you are committing evil. That is the trap God has put you in. Thus this is either a make believe god (my belief) or this is a real god but one that is an asshole and not worthy of your worship.

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