Genesis 4:18

It’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday and this week’s verse is a continuation of last week.

“To Enoch was born Irad” – Genesis 4:18

Who is Enoch? Enoch is the child of Cain and his wife, but we learned last week that Cain’s wife must be Eve, his mother, as she was the only woman on Earth. The Bible has yet to introduce another woman, so if Irad was born to Enoch, Enoch must have had sex with a woman. Yet there is still only one woman in the Bible and that woman is Eve. Meaning Enoch had sex with his…grandmother.

Oh the Bible, thy book of no critical thinking. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Genesis 4:18

  1. Let’s say she was popping out babies from the age of 14. Imagine a lonely twenty eight MILF and her fourteen yr. old palm wanker. Then consider a horny 44yr old Cougar Grandmother and shirtless hunk grandson happen to offer to clean her gutters and flush her pipes.

    I’m sure it must have happened that way. It explains personal the property connection with women and Theistic marriage.

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