Review of Jonah

I finished the last chapter of Jonah a few days ago, so let me provide a quick recap of this book before moving back to 2 Kings.

Jonah was a short book, consisting of only four chapters. The book starts with Jonah refusing to preach against evil to the people. Jonah flees, but God catches him, has him tossed from a boat and swallowed by a large fish. Jonah then survives three days and nights inside the belly of this fish. The fish then vomits up Jonah, who is still living. Jonah then goes out and preaches against evil.

Yes, it is that crazy! Swallowed by a fish and survived for three days ROFL! God is all-powerful and can easily get people to preach against evil. In fact, God could just do away with evil by a quick snap of his make believe fingers! Instead, God has a fish eat and vomit up Jonah. SMFH.


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