Recap of Amos

Amos was supposed to be a book about the negatives of income inequality spread throughout the land at the time. It was supposed to be a book that focused on social issues. It wasn’t. Sure, there was some mention of the rich taxing the poor and the rich doing bad things to the poor. God sees this and calls the land sinful. Does he punish the rich? Maybe…but only through a mass punishment of all people, meaning the poor were harmed just as much, if not more, than the rich.

The book ends with God giving the land back to the Israelites, still controlled by the rich. Did God do anything to help the poor? No, he did not. He said a few things about the evil ways of the people, but never once actually helped the poor! Who has God helped in the Bible?

One thought on “Recap of Amos

  1. I can thank god for helping a 10 year old boy discover an innate appreciation for critical thinking. All I can say is “thank you Jesus” for showing how to use confusion as a foundation for identifying BS for what it is.

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