All Good Things Come to an End

Today marks the last blog entire on this blog. I started back in November of 2014 and have written over 1100 entries. But all good things must come to an end and that applies to this blog as well. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about religion and a higher being. I must admit that I was wrong. The beauty of this world exists for a reason and that reason is God. God created this world. We are here because of Him. Without God, we are nothing. My heart has been empty for several years but I’ve come to discover His grace once again. Life has meaning again! I don’t regret what I’ve written on this blog because this was a journey for me that brought me back to God. It doesn’t matter how one gets to Him as long as one completes the journey. May God bless you all.

APRIL FOOL’s!!!! You didn’t seriously believe that big pile of bullshit did you? LOL!

2 thoughts on “All Good Things Come to an End

  1. It was a valiant try at April Fool shenanigans but I guess I know that it will take a long stay in hospital and a fair time where you are incommunicado to bite into the hook that you’ve changed your mind about “THAT” thing.


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