John 6:70

It’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday. Today’s verse shows that the Jesus/God character in the Bible is not very smart.

“Then Jesus replied, ‘Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!’” – John 6:70

So Jesus, who is God, chooses a devil as one of his twelve disciples. Why? Either Jesus doesn’t know Judas will betray him, which is odd given that Jesus is God and is all-knowing, or Jesus did know and made the choice on purpose. Made the choice to have someone kill him so he could come back to life in three days to go to heaven to forgive human sin, sin that Jesus/God introduced to the world. Um…that’s a fucked up plan. Either way, more crazy in the Bible.

One thought on “John 6:70

  1. I always thought that, “I will give the sop” thing wasn’t a prophesy, but rather, a job assignment. All 12 of the disciples betrayed Jesus, even Peter, the Rock which The Church is built on, betrayed him three times before the sun rose. Only Judas felt badly enough about it to commit suicide. The rest committed proselytization to assuage their guilt. 😦

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