Hosea – Chapter 7: Untitled

As I read through Hosea I consider the cognitive dissonance one must have to think this is a book of morals. God is only helping those who beg for his mercy. Why are they begging for his mercy? Because God unjustly punished them! Sigh.

“They are all adulterers,” – Hosea 7:4

Yes, because the children are adulterers too. And those whore babies whoring themselves out everywhere!

“Foreigners sap his strength” – Hosea 7:9

Here is the Christian justification for xenophobia and bigotry.

“I long to redeem them but they speak about me falsely.” – Hosea 7:13

See, God really does want to help, but the people said mean things to an all-powerful and all-knowledgeable god. Sheesh.

“For this they will be ridiculed in the land of Egypt.” – Hosea 7:16

Including the children and babies.

One thing to never forget is that when God says ‘all’ he truly means all. This is specifically spelled out in many verses. Look back to the many verses on God punishing generations upon generations of descendants. All of these verses on punishment include innocent babies and children. That’s the Christian god.

Coming Soon: Hosea – Chapter 8: Israel to Reap the Whirlwind

One thought on “Hosea – Chapter 7: Untitled

  1. Excuse me; Fournier’s? So this is a ethnic specific deity. Well now I’m confused. Must be like a niche dog trainer. An affinity for one breed that can do tricks on demand that keeps the god calm, the rest can be euthanized.

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