Biblical Knowledge

I love this meme because it is true! I’m a fan of the Dogma Debate podcast by David Smalley. So often he is speaking to a Christian guest and points out something in the Bible. The Christian guest responds by saying that isn’t in the Bible. David gives the Smalley sigh and then asks the Christian guest to open their bible up to a specific book and verse and immediately proves that yes, it is in the Bible. Atheists know the Bible because many of them read it and reading it de-converted them!


One thought on “Biblical Knowledge

  1. Can I get a witness? Preaching to the choir. Sorry, hit a sweet spot there. Milwaukee Atheist “Atheist Sunday School”. Nothing but Bible verse. A real page turner. The tedium. Sometimes I think it’s all in some weird code. Thomas Paine really rips the rug out of both the Old and New Testament in his book “The Age of Reason”.

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