Hosea – Chapter 13: The Lord’s Anger Against Israel

First God is angry at Israel, then he loves Israel, and now in this chapter he hates Israel again.

“But he became guilty of Baal worship and died.” – Hosea 13:1

It’s okay to rape women, but don’t you dare worship another god!

“But I have been the Lord your God  ever since you came out of Egypt.” – Hosea 13:4

And why did the Israelites need to leave Egypt? Because God hardened the hearts of the Egyptians until they did harm against the Israelites.

“Like a bear robbed of her cubs,  I will attack them and rip them open; like a lion I will devour them— a wild animal will tear them apart.” – Hosea 13:8

Don’t forget, God loves you as he allows a wild animal to tear you apart. 🙂

“So in my anger I gave you a king, and in my wrath I took him away.” – Hosea 13:11

God has an anger issue 🙂

“They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.” – Hosea 13:16

It doesn’t get worse than this. This loving god is killing babies by throwing them down to the ground and ripping open pregnant women. 

What does this chapter tell us? God is disgusting. He is worthy of no one’s worship. Those who worship him willing choose to ignore how awful of a god he is.

Coming Soon: Hosea – Chapter 14: Repentance to Bring Blessing

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