Revelation 22:21

It’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday! Last week I looked at the first verse in the Bible, so this week I look at the last verse in the Bible.

“The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.” – Revelation 22:21

Why is this crazy? Let’s start with the fact Christians say that God and Jesus are the same god, but Jesus is God’s son that God sent to Earth to be crucified so that God could have his son, and therefore himself, atone for all of man’s sins that God himself created. Yeah, that’s crazy. Then let’s look at how awful both God and Jesus are in the Bible. Even Jesus says to cast away your family for him. Not a friendly dude. So no, let’s not have the grade of Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Revelation 22:21

  1. Excuse me, pertaining to the first sentence of the post, from my point of view every Bible vs. is crazy only when the reader believes it to be a factual narrative of natural history inspired by an undefinable, unknowable, unlocateable prima fascia case for everything. Just say’n.

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  2. Not all Christians believe that Jesus is God. I was forced to attend some Baptist church services as a child. God, and Christ, were quite separate. Jesus was only a part of God, like a finger of God’s hand. (possibly the middle one?) 😉 😯
    I was quite surprised, when I grew up, to hear Christians insist that they were one and the same. In my area, it seems to be mostly the Catholics who insist on the doctrine of the Trinity. I thought that was only an unfounded claim that some Pope made up, but recently had an Apologist quote a Bible verse to validate it. 😳

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