Prepare for Halloween Through Scripture

Today I’m skipping a look at the next chapter in the Bible to send you a very important information notice. Halloween was yesterday and it’s another 365 days until the next Halloween, but now is the time to prepare yourself so you avoid this year’s mistakes. Are you thoroughly prepared for Halloween? I doubt it. Have you thought about inviting God into your heart to strengthen you against the evils of Halloween night? If not, don’t worry, because the Bible can help you pray and get you in the right mode of thinking for Halloween. A great source for Biblically prepping yourself for Halloween? Do a google search, but here’s a good one.

Or you can follow the evidence and say the Bible is full of shit. Be safe on Halloween, but you don’t need the Bible to be safe. Use common sense and Halloween will be filled with fun. There are no such things as demons or biblical evil. Wear a light to be seen by cars in the dark, avoid running across roads without looking, and don’t drink and drive. You’ll be safe and have a blast!

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