Psalm – Chapter 135: Untitled

Today we have one more chapter in Psalms before heading back to Isaiah.

“Praise the Lord.” – Psalm 135:1


“Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good;” – Psalm 135:3

God is angry and jealous. That is not the same as good.

“The Lord does whatever pleases him,” – Psalm 135:6

Well, that is certainly true! God does indeed do whatever pleases him, including rape and murder.

“He struck down the firstborn of Egypt,” – Psalm 135:8

Yes, God is good by killing the firstborn babies in Egypt. Soooo good.

“He struck down many nations and killed mighty kings—” – Psalm 135:10

More of God being good. Killing.

“Praise the Lord.” – Psalm 135:21

Again, no.

I love how in the same chapter the Bible describes God as good and then a couple of verses later saying he does what he pleases and then kills the firstborn of Egypt. LOL! Good by killing. SMH.

Coming Soon: Isaiah 49: The Servant of the Lord

3 thoughts on “Psalm – Chapter 135: Untitled

  1. No, that ain’t the half of it. What kind of mind writes this gibberish. It reads as if every generation of scribes felt compelled to leave their own embellishments to a fantastical narrative of a people’s trying to ride the wave of cultural relevance and gain some internal fortitude of a habitually defeated civilization.

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