Introduction to Nahum

In two days I will have a post on the first chapter in the book of Nahum. The Bible is filled with prophets that are supposedly spreading the word of God. God doesn’t speak himself, but only through the voices of prophets, who are all men. Interesting. Let’s think about this for a second. If you were a group of men trying to control the masses, how convenient it is that your god doesn’t speak!

There are major and minor prophets. Nahum is one of the minor prophets, but apparently good enough to make it into the Bible. This book will contain more of the same. Prophets are spreading and sharing the word of God, which is almost always of the same for. God is good, the evil people are trying to destroy you. Listen to me, the prophet of God. If you do exactly as I say, God will protect you.

And today there is peace through all of the Middle East. Bahahahahahahahahaha!

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