Jeremiah 31: Untitled

God’s assholery continues in Jeremiah 31.

“This is what the Lord says: ‘The people who survive the sword will find favor in the wilderness; I will come to give rest to Israel.’” – Jeremiah 31:1

So after God is done partially destroying you, you may survive. WTF?!?!?!

“The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: ‘I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.’” – Jeremiah 31:3

Bullshit. This isn’t love. It’s hate.

“‘I will satisfy the priests with abundance, and my people will be filled with my bounty,’ declares the Lord.” – Jeremiah 31:14

Yes, let’s give the corrupt priests abundance.

“This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: ‘When I bring them back from captivity…’” – Jeremiah 31:23

God expects the people will rejoice when he brings them back from the slavery God placed them in. FFS.

“‘The days are coming,’ declares the Lord, ‘when I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel.’” – Jeremiah 31:31

God makes many covenants and breaks them all.

Basically, God is saying in this chapter that he’s going to forgive the people for their sins and love them. God has said this over and over in the Bible. See Moses. See Noah. Now see Jeremiah. It’s all bullshit!

Coming Soon: Jeremiah – Chapter 32: Jeremiah Buys a Field

One thought on “Jeremiah 31: Untitled

  1. Here’s the thing in a nut shell. The entire theistic foundational narrative requires a dispensation of critical thought. This is not a problem for folks who have never heard or considered the phrase. This is not a slam on their intelligence but on their reasoning method. It would be quaint if it wasn’t so consequently. How are we going to advance and enhance the human condition when the bulk of the worlds population is walking around with one foot in the Iron Age.

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