5 thoughts on “New Testament Goodness

  1. No, the NT is NOT filled with “love” by any means. Just like Christianity is NOT a “religion of peace” as no religion is a religion of peace.

    However, I would implore you to bear in mind that “Timothy” as it is referred to, is a letter from Paul (aka Saul of Tarsus) to Timothy. It is also not considered by many NT scholars to be an “authentic” letter actually written by Paul. This is not unlike the the four Gospels which are also not actually authored by Mark, Matthew, Luke, or John but by four anonymous Greek speaking writers that also weren’t eyewitnesses or knew Jesus.

    I raise this point because Paul has contaminated the message of Jesus – as best as we can discern – with his own, fabricated and very un-Jewish-like nonsense. And this quote about women is a supposed quote from a man that never met Jesus, never knew anything about him; not his virgin birth, his miracles, his messages, his statements, his prayers, virtually nothing about him except his crucifixion, to which Paul ascribes for the salvation of all. An absolutely ridiculous assertion for a devout Jew that would have looked at that notion as tantamount to human sacrifice. Paul simply won the “turn of history” contest, meaning he outlived the original members of the first “christian community” and therefore claimed the “message” as his. He is often referred to as the usurper, the liar, the myth maker, and other equally ignominious names by the early members of Jesus’ followers.

    A great read on this topic is “Mythmaker – Paul and the invention of Christianity” by Hyam Maccoby. Mr. Maccoby, a Hebrew scholar, lays bare the fraudulent highjacking of Jesus’ actual message and the invention of a brand new religion that Jesus wouldn’t have either recognized or tolerated.

    Remember, Jesus had a number of women followers, not the least of which was Mary Magdalen whom he held in very high regard. Even many of the original Apostles were jealous of her role and relationship with him. It is highly unlikely that Jesus held these same misogynistic views.


  2. Evidence about Jesus? There is no evidence about Jesus. Nothing written about him comes from the eyes and minds of witnesses, although Christians would have you believe that. We are left to surmise what, if any, of the quotes attributed to a man we’re not even sure (not 100% at any rate) existed. If you haven’t already read it, get “The Five Gospels of Jesus” from the Jesus Seminar and see how many of the so-called quotes of Jesus are regarded by experts, experts of all kinds, as authentic.

    Jesus – if there was a Jesus – would have been a devout Orthodox Jew with all that comes with that title. One of his “genuine” sayings calls for adherence to The Law since in all of time not even one tilda or jot of the Law shall be changed. Of course within this belief lies a lot of implications for women.

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