Review of 2 Kings

I recently finished the last chapter in 2 Kings. A book full of king after king after king after king. A small few kings do good in the eyes of God, but most do evil in the eyes of God. God is the one who started this line of kings, but somehow, despite being all-powerful and all-knowing, he failed at selecting quality kings. One of the evil kings was a child under 10 years of age!!!

Throughout the book God punishes the evil kings by, and I kid you not, punishing the people of the land. Let me say that again, the people are punished for the evil a king does. A just God? Hardly. Along the way many innocent people are killed or forced from their homes. How many babies died? How many small children died? How many descendants were killed due to the actions of their great-great-great-great-great-grandparents?

The book of 2 Kings is a good overall review of the Bible as a whole. You have an angry god that punishes everyone in sight and does nothing to bring peace to the land despite having the ability to snuff out evil in the blink of an eye. Not a god to be worshipped.

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