Welcome to the Critically Reading Through the Bible blog written by myself, The Poised Atheist.  I officially joined the ranks of atheism in September 2013.  After reading and listening to other prominent atheists I decided to start a blog focusing on religion/atheism in my life.  I’ve read through the Bible once and am currently doing a deep read of the Bible a second time.  My thoughts on each chapter will be posted here.  Putting my thoughts in writing helps further my understanding, and who knows, maybe someone else in the world will read this and gain something from it.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to see an actual atheist using the atheism tag! Your posts are fun… have you considered reading the Quran when you’re done? Historically it’s like the bible part 3, the new new testament 😀 I gave it a shot but damn is it hard going. Denser than the kjv bible, even. If you’re feeling brave, I would consider it.


    1. It’s a ways off, but yes, it’s on my radar to read the Quran. Thanks for the kinds words. It is amazing that many, possibly a majority, of posts with an atheism tag are actually about atheism. Usually they are some Christian complaining that atheist have no reason to ever discuss god or religion. Sigh.


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