Atheism Quotes – Bill Nye

Today’s Atheism quote comes from Bill Nye.

“If you want to deny evolution and live in your world, in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need people that can… we need engineers that can build stuff, solve problems.” – Bill Nye

Well said Bill. Personally, I say that denying evolution and forcing lies onto your kids is child abuse.


Isaiah – Chapter 12: Songs of Praise

We continue today in the book of Isaiah.

“I will praise you, Lord. Although you were angry with me, your anger has turned away  and you have comforted me.” – Isaiah 12:1

I see no evidence God’s anger has turned away. If anything, God’s anger continues to grow as he continues to lash out at the people.

“Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things;  let this be known to all the world.” – Isaiah 12:5

What glorious things has he done? The people have starved, been forced from their homes, many have died!!! Is killing people a glorious thing?

This was a very short chapter praising God, completely ignoring all of the evidence God is not worthy of praise.

Coming Soon: Micah – Chapter 1: Judgment Against Samaria and Jerusalem

Isaiah – Chapter 11: The Branch From Jesse

The last few chapters of Isaiah have taught us that God is good at talking the talk, but sucks at walking the walk. He says a lot of things about helping the distressed, but then doesn’t or waits to do it. Today we look into the 11th chapter of Isaiah.

“A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.” – Isaiah 11:1

God is making a tree out of Jesse. 🙂

“He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears;” – Isaiah 11:3

Um…so he’s throwing all evidence out the window in his judging? Once again, God is not just nor is he just in the people he uses, in this case, Jesse.

“The infant will play near the cobra’s den, and the young child will put its hand into the viper’s nest.” – Isaiah 11:8

Looks like it’s time to call Child Protective Services!!!

“In that day the Lord will reach out his hand a second time to reclaim the surviving remnant of his people from Assyria, from Lower Egypt, from Upper Egypt, from Cush, from Elam, from Babylonia, from Hamath and from the islands of the Mediterranean.” – Isaiah 11:11

There would be zero remnants of people if God had acted just from the beginning! God has caused these problems.

“The Lord will dry up  the gulf of the Egyptian sea; with a scorching wind he will sweep his hand over the Euphrates River.” – Isaiah 11:15

God just can’t help it, can he? Killing and causing harm is his very nature.

This chapter shows us God is still doing everything he can to harm people. He’s trying to play hero to the people by saving them from the problems he caused, but he can’t help causing more problems, like drought! What does God think a dried up river will do to the people? Their water must come from somewhere!

Coming Soon: Isaiah – Chapter 12: Songs of Praise

Luke 12:46

Someone recently replied to one of my posts on this blog stating the pro-slavery verses are not important and should be ignored. Um…no. Christians describe the Bible as the literal word of God, so the pro-slavery verses definitely matter! Thus for Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday, I give you another pro-slavery verse in the new Testament and what is supposed to be the direct word of God.

“The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers.” – Luke 12:46

Note the word ‘servant’. In the KJV, the word is slave. The NIV tries to make the language sound nice and cozy, but make no mistake, the servant here is a slave. The Lord is stating the slave will be cut to pieces. Does God do anything? Nope. God is okay with it. God is pro-slavery. The Bible is pro-slavery.

Isaiah – Chapter 10: God’s Judgment on Assyria

We learned in Isaiah 9 that God supposedly cares about you, but then he’s burning the ground left and right because he’s continuously mad at you. This is a very angry god.

“Woe to those who make unjust laws,” – Isaiah 10:1

Does this apply to God? It should as his laws are the most unjust of all.

“Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away, his hand is still upraised.” – Isaiah 10:4

God is still angry.

“When the Lord has finished all his work against Mount Zion and Jerusalem, he will say, ‘I will punish the king of Assyria for the willful pride of his heart and the haughty look in his eyes.’” – Isaiah 10:12

Punished for the crimes of pride and haughty looking eyes? Seriously? This is why God is unjust. He punishes for all the wrong reasons.

“Therefore, the Lord, the Lord Almighty,  will send a wasting disease upon his sturdy warriors; under his pomp a fire will be kindled   like a blazing flame.” – Isaiah 10:16

See God’s love in action. Fireballs filled with his love. Disease filled with his love.

“My people who live in Zion, do not be afraid of the Assyrians, who beat you with a rod and lift up a club against you, as Egypt did. Very soon my anger against you will end  and my wrath will be directed to their destruction.” – Isaiah 10:24-25

So let me get this straight. The people are being beaten by rods. God could stop this now, but instead he says, hold on, my anger will stop them soon, don’t worry. WTF?!?!?

Sheesh. What a chapter. God is still filled with anger. He punishes people, sure, but does he punish them for justified reasons, or just because they have a weird look in their eye? And instead of stopping the pain and suffering right away, he just tells the people to hold on, I’ll be by soon when I’m done binge watching the entire Friends series.

Coming Soon: Isaiah – Chapter 11: The Branch From Jesse

Atheism Quotes – Robert G. Ingersoll

Today’s quote is a passage by Robert G. Ingersoll. Beautifully written, so I leave it here without any further comment.

“Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery. It is far better to be free, to leave the forts and barricades of fear, to stand erect and face the future with a smile. It is far better to give yourself sometimes to negligence, to drift with wave and tide, with the blind force of the world, to think and dream, to forget the chains and limitations of the breathing life, to forget purpose and object, to lounge in the picture gallery of the brain, to feel once more the clasps and kisses of the past, to bring life’s morning back, to see again the forms and faces of the dead, to paint fair pictures for the coming years, to forget all Gods, their promises and threats, to feel within your veins life’s joyous stream and hear the martial music, the rhythmic beating of your fearless heart. And then to rouse yourself to do all useful things, to reach with thought and deed the ideal in your brain, to give your fancies wing, that they, like chemist bees, may find art’s nectar in the weeds of common things, to look with trained and steady eyes for facts, to find the subtle threads that join the distant with the now, to increase knowledge, to take burdens from the weak, to develop the brain, to defend the right, to make a palace for the soul. This is real religion. This is real worship.” – Robert G. Ingersoll

Isaiah – Chapter 9: Untitled

Today we move back to the book of Isaiah.

“Nevertheless, there will be no more gloom for those who were in distress.” – Isaiah 9:1

Great! Too bad it isn’t true.

“The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.” – Isaiah 9:7

Except it doesn’t. Suffering in this world has not stopped. Pain in this world has not stopped. The death of innocents has not stopped. Hunger has not stopped. Poverty has not stopped. Either the god of the Bible is a liar, or he does not exist.

“But the people have not returned to him who struck them, nor have they sought the Lord Almighty.” – Isaiah 9:13

All God has to do is show himself. He is God and has the ability to prove himself to others, but refuses at every opportunity. God can end all of this by showing himself.

“Therefore the Lord will take no pleasure in the young men, nor will he pity the fatherless and widows, for everyone is ungodly and wicked, every mouth speaks folly.” – Isaiah 9:17

And the people continue to suffer.

“By the wrath of the Lord Almighty  the land will be scorched and the people will be fuel for the fire;  they will not spare one another.” – Isaiah 9:19

Not only do the people suffer, but they suffer painful, fiery deaths at the hands of God.

“Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away, his hand is still upraised.” – Isaiah 9:21

God’s anger never wavers. He is filled with it and will use that anger to harm you.

This chapter shows us once again that God does not love you. He hates you and will cause you great harm and suffering. The evidence is right there in the Bible. This is not a god to worship, but a god you should bury and let die.

Coming Soon: Isaiah – Chapter 10: God’s Judgment on Assyria