Long Sermon Meme

Today’s Sunday meme reminds me of my days when I still called myself a Christian.  Every time the pastor said something about winding up soon or letting everyone out early, I knew it was going to be one of the longer services in the history of the church.  And usually I was right!


Summer Sunday

Today is a summer Sunday.  Well, not officially since summer starts tomorrow, June 20, but close enough.  I think I’ll spend today going to church and worshipping the Lord.  Wait.  I’m an Atheist, so what the fuck am I thinking!?!?!  I’m going to make a cup of coffee, sit on the couch, and do some much deserved reading.  Maybe later in the day I’ll do a bit of yard work if the weather holds up.

Thinking back on my summers as a child, church is not something we ever did during the summer.  From September to May, my parents shipped me off to Sunday School, followed by church service, but when regular school ended, so did Sunday School and church.  Thinking back on those summers I find this so weird.  My parents were never super religious, but I wish I knew what they were thinking and how they rationalized skipping church in the summer.

I’ve never discussed religion with my parents and they never really talk about it.  I’d say they are believers, but very passive believers.  They probably saw summers as an opportunity to relax and spend time outside.  Sunday School and church ruins both of those and takes up valuable time.  They probably just wanted some time off from church and used ‘school’s out for the summer’ to rationalize their decision.  If there is a god, I don’t think that argument will work.  LOL!  Fortunately there is no god.  And if I’m wrong and there is, this god will support critical thinking.  If not, send me to hell because I want nothing to do with an asshole god.