Christians Against Dinosaurs

A few weeks ago I received a Facebook notification saying I was added to the Facebook group “Christians Against Dinosaurs”.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but had some time to check it out a week later.  To be honest, I have no idea if this group is legit or just a parody group.  It’s making the rounds in various blogs and everyone seems to come to the same conclusion as I, which is I’m not sure.  At first glance it comes across as a parody because the claims made are beyond ridiculous.  For example, the group claims that dinosaur bones are not real, but sculptures made by scientists to trick society into believing dinosaurs existed.  Do people actually believe this?  Then again, looking at the posts, it appears to be very clear that at least some of the posters actually believe this stuff.

Since I never agreed being added to the group, I left the group.  Doing a recent search on Facebook finds several Christians Against Dinosaurs groups, many of which mock Christians who believe dinosaurs didn’t exist.  At least one, the one I was part of for two weeks, is either legit, or an excellent parody!  For a more detailed discussion on this, I encourage you to read the following blog post on the Ace of Clades blog at Freethought Blogs.

Ace of Clades – Christians Against Dinosaurs