Others Discuss Job

I’ve been working through the book of Job for the last 2 months and I found it an interesting coincidence that a well-known religious ‘pundit’, Bryan Fischer, recently had a few things to say about Job.  I caught this on The Friendly Atheist Blog.

Bryan Fischer Claims Job, Far from Being a Biblical Hero, Should Have Done More to Defend God’s Wrath

As you can likely guess from the blog title, Fischer and I disagree on this issue.  According to Fischer, despite the great harm God caused Job, Job didn’t do enough defending of God’s actions.  Huh?  God killed Job’s children, servants, and livestock.  On top of that, God covered Job’s body in painful sores and then completely ignored Job’s questions for 36 chapters!  Yet Job is the one who is wrong in the eyes of God.  Wow.  Simply wow!

I guess Job should have thanked God for killing his children.  He should have thanked God for covering his body in sores.  He should have thanked God for ignoring him.  The moral of the story according to the religious?  Whenever something bad happens to you, don’t ask questions, just thank God for the ‘wonders’ He is bestowing on you.