600th Post!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope your Sunday morning is filled with sleeping in, coffee and a good book, or going to a movie when prices are cheaper…or all three!!!  Since leaving religion in 2013 I’m loving my Sunday mornings!  So very relaxing!

This is my 600th post on this blog.  Hard to believe I’ve covered several books of the Bible already and written 600 blog posts.  I officially declared myself an Atheist about 2.5 years ago.  In that time I’ve become much more skeptical of claims lacking evidence.  I’ve become much more vocal and active in church state separation.  But most importantly, I’m a much happier person!!!

500th Post!

This is my 500th post on this blog!!!  Woohoo!  I started with post number 1 on November 10, 2014, about 2 years ago.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing on each chapter of the Bible.  It’s been a slow haul, but I’ve finished going through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and a few chapters in Psalms.  Wow!  Reading through these there has been a ton of anti-science, misogyny, unjustified death, raping of women, killing of babies, and just plain horribleness.  It’s hard to believe anyone who reads this stuff can actually believe it is true and that it sends a message of morality.  Morality my ass!  It’s the exact opposite of morality.  Killing babies over the sins (or supposed sins) of their parents is moral in the eyes of God?  Fuck that god.

I’ve also enjoyed finding verses for Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday.  There are so many to choose from that I have years worth of material.  I’m in no danger of struggling to find new crazy verses to share.  I’m posting the first chapter of 1 Samuel tomorrow and look forward to continuing to read through and blogging on individual chapters in the Bible.


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a short blog post on why or why not I capitalize “God”.  I received several comments and have thought about this for several days.  From this point forward I will capitalize “God” if it is referring to the god of the Bible.  However, I will not capitalize “he” or “him”, unless of course it is capitalized in a direct verse I am quoting from the Bible.  Capitalizing “God” links the words to the god of the Bible and not a random god of some other culture/religion.  The readers’ advice on capitalizing other words referring to God were excellent and I’ve re-thought my use of capitalization moving forward.  Thank you readers!

The Purpose of this Blog

I’ve been writing this blog for about 9 months now and in that time I’ve written 196 (counting this one) posts.  I share these posts with several Facebook and Google+ groups.  Many of those groups are atheist groups and many are atheist/theist discussion groups.  Every once in a while I receive a comment from a theist arguing something I’ve written, which I expected.  What I didn’t expect, and what is the most common critique, comes from atheists saying my blog is pointless.  God doesn’t exist and therefore there’s no reason to discuss it.  These atheists couldn’t be more wrong.

Over 70% of the U.S. is christian.  Too often Christianity is taught in schools and pushed by local, state, and national governments.  Many schools teach creationism in science classrooms and receive public money to do so!  Everyone has the right to practice their religion in private or at church.  However, it is unconstitutional to push religion in public places.  Yet christians want more religion in public!  If atheists just sit down and be quiet without pushing back, nothing gets accomplished and religion runs rampant in our governments and schools.

Are there better blogs out there?  Absolutely!  Are there better blog writers?  Absolutely!  Are there more active activists doing more than me?  You bet!  But this blog takes a close look at the Bible pointing out problems and inconsistencies, something most blogs are not doing in bulk.  I strongly believe I’m contributing something to the atheist activist community.  Am I converting the religious to be non-religious?  Probably not, but no one thing does that.  A religious reader of this blog may read something that causes them to stop and think.  If that happens, this blog is a success.  Thinking is the greatest thing one can do on the path from religious to non-religious.

In addition, several people will share each of my posts to their Facebook or Google+ walls.  Through that process other believers in God will see these posts.  Again, by itself, this one source will not convert someone, but it’s a source someone may look at along with other sources that causes them to stop and think.

Yes, atheists do not believe in the words of the Bible and do not believe in a God of any kind.  However, that doesn’t mean we should simply ignore it.  Ignoring religious beliefs does nothing but allow those beliefs to creep into schools and governments.  Ignoring these beliefs makes the world a worse place in the long run.  As atheists we need to continue focusing on and discussing religious topics.  It’s the only way to provide an alternative to believers who may be questioning.

Thus the purpose of this blog.


My goal is to update this blog at a rate of 3- 6 times per week.  Updates will not always be an analysis of a Bible chapter.  I anticipate posting a Bible chapter analysis 2-3 times per week.  The other day I asked myself how long will it take me to complete my analysis.  First I needed the total number of chapters in the Bible.  A quick Google search reveals 1,189 chapters.  The books of the Bible range from a low of 1 chapter (several books) to 150 chapters (Psalms).  So how long will it take?

At a rate of 2 chapters per week, I will finish in May 2026.  Hmmm, that’s pretty far into the future.  Who knows if there’ll even be blogs then!

At a rate of 3 chapters per week, I’ll finish much sooner, in July 2022.  Still pretty far into the future, but not as far.

It’s possible that for books with shorter chapters or less going on in each chapter, I’ll publish more per week.  I’m not really concerned that the timeline to finish may be too long.  If I try to finish it sooner, my deep reading of the Bible may turn into a simple skimming and that’s not my goal.  I’m just thankful I didn’t decide to analyze the Bible one verse at a time.  There are 31,000+ verses!  At a rate of 3 verses per week I would finish in 2215 C.E.!!!  I’d love to live to a healthy 200+ years old, but something tells me that won’t happen.  🙂