Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish all readers a happy Thanksgiving!  Stay inside with your family.  Let other families celebrate with their families.  Stores stay open only because there’s a market for the store to remain open.  If no one shopped on Thanksgiving, the stores would realize it’s a money loser and would keep their doors closed.  If family means something to you on Thanksgiving, then stay home and let other families celebrate as you are able to.

Also, if you have to pray at Thanksgiving dinner, make sure to give thanks where thanks is needed.  Thank God if you wish, but make sure to thank the people who made it possible for you to have a turkey at your dinner table.  Be thankful to the employers of those who can stay home with their families at Thanksgiving.  I can’t stop you from praying to God, so by all means do, but please don’t forget that many others out there are making YOUR Thanksgiving possible.