Solar Eclipse and the Return of Jesus

Been nearly a month since the total solar eclipse.  I heard Jesus was returning.  Still waiting.  Oh well, maybe he’ll return on the next eclipse.  Or the one after that.  Or the one after that one.  Or the one after the one after the one.  Or maybe, just maybe, a solar eclipse is simply the moon moving in front of the Sun!



Hypocrite Much?

Today’s meme sums up Christians who make fun of other religions perfectly.


A couple of years ago I saw the play “Book of Mormon”.  Fantastic play! Had a fun time and several good laughs.  Most of the crowd was chuckling throughout the play as quite a bit of mocking the Mormon religion took place.  If the crowd was full of Atheists, I could understand this.  But how many Atheists were in the audience?  Statistically speaking, most of the crowd was Christian.  They laughed at the holy underwear, but turned around on Sunday morning and worshipped the son of a god who rapes a virgin and then gives a ‘virgin’ birth.