Shelley Segal

When I was still a believer in God, I listened to quite a bit of Christian music on the car radio.  I enjoyed it, but not necessarily for the lyrics.  I liked the beat and the general form of the music.  I still do, but I don’t listen to it because the message is horrible.  Then one day, while listening to an episode of The Thinking Atheist by Sean Andrews, I learned about Shelley Segal.  Sean was interviewing her on his show and she played a few of her songs.

If you’ve never heard of Shelley Segal, then stop reading now and go to her website.  Shelley is a younger generation folk music singer who writes her own songs.  I think her music has the same feel as Christian music on the radio, except for one big difference.  Her music is secular!!!  Topping that, one of her albums is titled “An Atheist Album” with all songs having lyrics focused on a non-believing message!!!  I love it!

You can get the whole album off Google Play for $7.82.  Not bad!!!  Actual CDs are harder to get and more expensive, but who’s still listening to music on a CD?  🙂

Anyways, if you like folk music and/or looking for something with a secular message, then definitely check out Shelley Segal.