Killing the Next Hitler

This is a few weeks old, but it still amazes me how little thought was put into it.  If you’re not familiar with Pat Robertson, he’s an evangelical Christian with a huge television audience and a ton of money.  Every once in a while he says something that has a touch of sense in it, but for the most part everything out of his mouth is bat shit crazy.  A couple of weeks ago, a woman calls into his show and asks why her baby died.  Obviously this is a very tragic moment for the mother and she’s just looking for some sort of an answer.  I can’t blame her.  Robertson’s response?

“As far as God’s concerned, He knows the end from the beginning and He sees a little baby and that little baby could grow up to be Adolf Hitler, he could grow up to be Joseph Stalin, he could grow up to be some serial killer, or he could grow up to die of a hideous disease. God sees all of that, and for that life to be terminated while he’s a baby, he’s going to be with God forever in Heaven so it isn’t a bad thing.”

Pat Robertson Tells Grieving Mother Her Dead Baby Could’ve Grown Up to Be Hitler

Wow!  God took this woman’s child from her because the child might grow up to be the next Hitler?  How stupid is Robertson?  Let’s analyze this.  If God is truly all-powerful, then God would have known since the beginning of time that this child would grow into the next Hitler.  But if we zoom closer to the present, God would have known once the sperm made contact with the egg and God could have ended the pregnancy right there and nobody would have been the wiser.  This all loving God lets the baby grow to term and then after the birth, decides to step in and kill the baby?  That’s what Robertson is saying!

Let’s dig deeper.  If God is willing to stop the next Hitler, why the hell did He not stop the FIRST Hitler!?!?!?  Huh?  Oh yeah, God works in mysterious ways.  🙂

Let’s switch to a different issue.  Christians, including Robertson, are against abortion.  Yet if God exists He allows all of these abortions to happen.  Why would a loving God allow this?  To take away from Robertson, it must be that all of these aborted babies were going to become the next Hitler and thus God just had to step in.  🙂

The point in all of this is that no, God didn’t step in and kill a baby because He wanted to stop the next Hitler or the next mass murderer.  Murder happens every day, making it very clear God is NOT interested in stepping in.  Is that an all-loving God?  Or is it simply a God that doesn’t exist?  I’m for the latter.