The Phil Ferguson Show

An excellent Atheist themed podcast you should add to your queue and listen to is the Phil Ferguson Show.  Phil Ferguson is an Atheist activist but also a financial planning advisor.  His show, as he describes it, is one third finance and two thirds Atheism.  It’s a neat twist that adds something new to the Atheist podcast community.  I really enjoy the one third finance as he always has excellent information to share and really gets me thinking about how I handle my own finances.

On the Atheism side of the podcast, Phil does an excellent job bringing in quality guests and bringing to the fore front issues that affect the Atheist community today.  I really appreciate the effort he puts in to producing a quality show.  To learn more about the Phil Ferguson Show and to listen to an episode, go here:

The Phil Ferguson Show

Cognitive Dissonance Podcast

Sorry, no meme today.  Today I want to share another excellent Atheist themed podcast titled Cognitive Dissonance.  This podcast comes with an explicit tag, so be prepared.  This podcast is produced by two Atheists, Tom and Cecil, and it is HILARIOUS!!!  That is the best word to use to describe this podcast.  Some podcasts are very serious.  Some podcasts focus on Christian vs Atheist debates.  Not this podcast.  This podcast focuses on the issues, but throws a humorous slant into it.  There are multiple times each week when I find myself laughing to this podcast!

Cognitive Dissonance Podcast

I highly encourage you to check out this podcast and add it to your list.  You will NOT be disappointed.  I repeat, you will NOT be disappointed!

Utah Outcasts Podcast

Happy Sunday!  I hope you enjoyed sleeping in, not going to church, and not wasting money on donations to organized religion.  If you haven’t already, add the Utah Outcasts podcast to your play list.  I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and it made it on to my must-listen to list.  This is a group of podcasters living in Utah, a state dominated by the LDS church (Mormons).  Check them out here:

Utah Outcasts Podcast

Zachrilege Cast Podcast

Let me take just a few moments of your time today to share with you another wonderful Atheist themed podcast that is out there in the podcast world.  I’ve been listening to the Zachrilege Cast podcast for several months now and thoroughly enjoy it.

Zachrilege Cast

This podcast is hosted by a guy named Zach…I assume.  Actually, as I write this I can’t remember his name!  Yikes!  Go to the link above to listen to his podcast episodes and you’ll learn his name!  Anyway, he puts together a great podcast.  Most episodes involve him interviewing and chatting with another Atheist or two, often within the podcast community, but not always.

I don’t know Zach but he sounds like a great guy who is genuinely interested in promoting positive Atheism and making the world a better place.  You can help him by listening to his podcast!

Cellar Door Skeptics Podcast

It’s a new year and time to starting checking out a few new podcasts, right?  Well, at least new to you.  If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend checking out the Cellar Door Skeptics podcast.  It’s a skeptic/atheism/political podcast focusing on a number of issues.  Much of the latter half of 2016 focused on politics given the 2016 elections in the U.S.

The show is hosted by Christopher Tanner and Chris Hanna.  They do an excellent job discussing the issues facing the world today and apply skepticism to every minute of their show.  To learn more about this show and to check out the latest podcasts, go here:

Cellar Door Skeptics

Danthropolgy Podcast

Here’s another Atheist podcast to add to your listening collection.  There are never too many Atheist podcasts to have in your list.  This one is called Danthropology and hosted by Dan Arel.


This a new podcast Arel started in late October, so there are just a few episodes out at this time.  Arel has a blog (see link above) called Danthropolgy and has written a few books, including Parenting Without God.  You can see his list of books here:

Dan Arel’s Amazon Page

The first few episodes have focused on the separation of church of state and have had several good interviews.  Dan Arel is also known for his work in fighting against Ken Ham and the tax breaks the state of Kentucky eventually gave him to build “Noah’s Ark” near the Creation Museum.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and am very happy to see Arel add podcasting to his list of Atheist outreach activites!

American Freethought Podcast

Don’t ask me how I’m able to listen to all of these podcasts.  I’m not sure myself!  I listen at 1.6 times normal speed, so that allows me to listen to more podcasts in a day.  J  Crazy?  Probably, but I don’t care because there are so many awesome Atheist podcasts out there!


One such podcast I recently discovered in the last month is the American Freethought Podcast.

American Freethought Podcast

The mission of this podcast is, as stated on their website, to:

“The purpose of American Freethought is to serve freethinkers of every stripe: atheists, agnostics, skeptics, secular humanists, brights, rationalists, or whatever else you wish to call yourselves.  This publication casts a wide net.  In addition to perennial concerns like reason vs. religion and separation of church and state, it will also cover topics that any thoughtful reader should find interesting: science, politics, philosophy, the arts, and social issues.”

Can’t argue with that.  I’m on board.  It looks like they release a new episode about once every 2 – 3 weeks.  Not a lot, but that’s perfect for me given my already too long list of what I consider to be must listen to podcasts!