Freethought Radio Podcast

If you are aware of the work the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) does than you may already be aware of the Freethought Radio podcast.  If not, this is a freethought/humanist/atheist podcast you should definitely add to your list.  The FFRF does some amazing work and you should definitely become a member if you believe in the strong separation of church and state.  If you’re not quite familiar with the FFRF, please check out their website or check out one of their podcasts.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Freethought Radio Podcast Archive

The Freethought Radio podcast is hosted by Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker.  They do an amazing job promoting freethought and discussing issues related to the separation of church and state.  This is a MUST on your podcast listening list!

Hope After Faith Podcast

Another great Atheist themed podcast you should listen to is the Hope After Faith podcast hosted by Bobby Cary and Jerry DeWitt.  Both Cary and DeWitt are former Christians who de-converted in the past several years.  Jerry DeWitt was a former pastor before de-converting.  Both are familiar to the podcast community.  Bobby Cary co-hosts the No Religion Required podcast and Jerry DeWitt has appeared as a guest on several Atheist podcast episodes.

In the last year they came together and started the Hope After Faith podcast which focuses on life after a de-conversion.  Depending on the circumstances of the de-conversion, it can be a very difficult process.  Leaving a church community can leave one feeling lonely without friends or others to talk to.  The Hope After Faith podcast discusses some of these issues and ways to help.

This is a fantastic podcast to listen to, in particular if you have recently de-converted from a religion.  Even if you’ve been an Atheist from the beginning with no religious upbringing, this podcast is helpful in getting a feel for how the formerly religious may feel after de-converting.  Check it out!

Hope After Faith Podcast

Unbuckling the Bible Belt Podcast

This Sunday I want to share with you another Atheist themed podcast that is a MUST listen to.  It’s called Unbuckling the Bible Belt and is hosted by Sharon Bush, Kate Ashcraft, Joe Kindic, and Adam Phuzen.  I’m not sure where Sharon Bush is from, but the others are from the Kentucky/Tennessee area, so in the Bible Belt part of the U.S.  This is another in a long line of excellent podcasts from people in heavily religious areas of the U.S.

The Unbuckling the Bible Belt podcast spends a lot of time discussing religious news stories that either border on or are indeed very ridiculous.  I don’t know how else to describe this podcast, but it’s a good one!  Check it out!

Secular Yakking Podast

It’s Sunday, a day I don’t discuss Bible verses.  It tends to be a random subject post type of day.  I’ve done several podcast recommendations in the past, so here’s another.

Secular Yakking

The co-hosts (husband and wife I think) produce a weekly half hour podcast in which they discuss the latest news on religion.  They usually discuss a few really crazy and disturbing acts religious people have done in the recent past.  This podcast isn’t nearly as deep as a No Religion Required podcast or Dogma Debate podcast, but that’s okay.  Although I love the longer, deeper thinking podcasts, there are plenty of times where I want something quick that gets to the point of ridiculous religious stories and Secular Yakking does just that.

I encourage you to check it out if you love Atheist themed podcasts that are shorter in length.  Secular Yakking is a good one!

Robert Price – Dogma Debate Interview

If you haven’t listened to the Robert Price interview on the Dogma Debate episode, please do so.

Robert Price on Dogma Debate

If you’re unfamiliar with Robert Price, he is an Atheist who has done a ton of scholarly work in the field of the historicity of Jesus.  He argues against the existence of Jesus.  He’s very well respected in this field and has written several books.  I haven’t read any yet, but they are (or were) on my to-read list.

Price is also a political conservative, as are other Atheists.  After listening to his interview on Dogma Debate, I can honestly say I will never purchase nor read Price’s books.  Price takes the extreme, and when I say extreme, I mean VERY extreme few on so many political issues.  He even went as far as denying climate change.  He’s a Trump supporter and thinks Trump doesn’t go far enough on immigration issues.  Seriously?  Building a wall and deporting all illegal immigrants doesn’t go far enough?  Yikes!

Even more concerning is Price’s complete lack of analyzing the evidence.  When David Smalley, host of Dogma Debate, presented him with evidence, Price simply said he didn’t have time to analyze the evidence and went straight back to his extreme and in some cases very bigoted beliefs.  On climate change he said he doesn’t have time to go to grad school to become a climate scientist and therefore can’t take the evidence seriously.  What the fuck???

At one point Price intentionally hung up on Smalley and Smalley had to call him back.  WOW!  Don’t get me wrong, Price has a lot of respect in his scholarly work on the historicity of Jesus, but he lost that respect from me.  If this guy isn’t willing to look at evidence on the many issues discussed in the interview, how do I know or how can I expect him to analyze the evidence in his scholarly work?  If he’s cutting corners on all other evidence, how do I know he’s not cutting corners regarding his work on Jesus?  There are many, many excellent Atheist authors out there who carefully consider evidence placed before them that there’s no need for me to take the time and money to read Price.

To make myself clear.  I don’t care that Price is conservative.  I knew that prior to this interview.  I care about whether he analyzes evidence and from the Dogma Debate interview, it is obvious Price doesn’t care about evidence if it contradicts his preconceived notions.  I’ll even go as far as saying Price is doing the Atheist movement much harm.

If you haven’t, please listen to the podcast episode.  Be warned, though, that it is EXTREMELY frustrating.

Beyond the Trailer Park Podcast

It’s Sunday.  I haven’t finished any new books in the last week so there’s no book review to report.  Thus today feels like a good day to share a cool podcast with you that I listen to on a regular basis.  That podcast is the Beyond the Trailer Park podcast hosted by Beth, Heretic Woman, and Ms. Ashley.  You may recognize Ms. Ashley from the No Religion Required podcast.

I thoroughly enjoy the Beyond the Trailer Park podcast.  These three wonderful ladies get together once each week, along with other guests to talk about Atheism.  They hold nothing back and I greatly appreciate it.  There’s something new I learn each week from this podcast and I look forward to each and every episode.  If you’ve never listened, I highly encourage you to give it a try.  It don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Atheist Airwave Podcast

Last week I pointed you to the Angry Black Rant podcast.  This week I point you to the Atheist Airwaves podcast.  This is another excellent Atheism podcast.  There are many, many excellent Atheist podcasts out there and Atheist Airwaves is one of them.

Atheist Airwaves Podcast

I’ll let their website and podcast (link above) do the talking for them.  I encourage you to check it out.  They produce an excellent podcast!

Angry Black Rant Podcast

Another Atheism themed podcast I encourage you to check out is the Angry Black Rant podcast put out by Ishmael Brown.  In my opinion he does an excellent job with this podcast.  It has its own niche within the Atheist podcast community in that Ishmael is a black man and comes at it from that angle.  Unfortunately the Atheist community has a diversity problem.  It tends to be dominated by white men.  The community is working to improve on diversity but there are still many individuals in the community with very vocal racist and misogynistic viewpoints.  Ishmael Brown breathes fresh air into the Atheist community and I LOVE his podcasts.  Please check it out!  I think you’ll be very pleased with what you hear.

Angry Black Rant Podcast

The Gaytheist Manifesto Podcast

I have a huge list of atheist-related podcasts I listen to on a regular basis and one of my favorites is the Gaytheist Manifesto podcast.

The Gaytheist Manifesto

The Gaytheist Manifesto was started by Callie Wright who self describes herself as “a transgender woman, speaker, activist, and host of The Gaytheist Manifesto podcast, which explores the intersection of atheist and LGBT activism.”

I love listening to Callie on the Gaytheist Manifesto.  Her podcast is one of many Atheist podcasts out there but has the twist of also focusing on LGBT issues and that is missing in the podcast world right now.  I’ve never met Callie, but she comes across as a very sweet, very loving person who is simply trying to do her part to make the world a better place.  Can’t go wrong with that.

If you’ve never heard of the Gaytheist Manifeso I urge you to check it out and listen to a few episodes.  I suspect you’ll be hooked!

Bi Any Means Podcast

Another great Atheist podcast to add to your list is the Bi Any Means Podcast.  This podcast is hosted by Trav Mamone, a self-described “thirty-something bisexual gender-queer (they/them, please) secular humanist.”  I’m relatively new to this podcast having just recently come across it, but I love it!  It’s an Atheist podcast coming from a different angle as it focuses Atheist issues from a bi-sexual perspective.  I admire Trav’s courage and hope they continue this podcast for some time to come.

I highly encourage you to check out this podcast.  If you don’t have much experience with those in the LGBT community, you will definitely learn something positive from listening!