The “Power” of Prayer

How many times have you seen requests for prayers on your Facebook feed?  How many times have you seen people proclaiming the power of prayer on your Facebook feed?  Probably all too often.

The other day I saw a Facebook post from parents of a college student.  The dad was describing how stressed his kid was and how the kid called late at night crying.  Dad said they cried together and prayed together on the phone for God to relieve the kid’s stress and anxiety.  Dad then said they “prayed all night.”  His exact words.  Fine, prayer is a waste of time, but if someone wants to pray on their own time, so be it.  It’s their choice.  As long as it doesn’t affect me, go ahead.

What came next, however, pissed me off!  Dad went on to say that in the morning his kid called him saying that God answered their prayers because he had class today canceled and now has time to get class work done.  According to dad, God answered their prayers by canceling the kid’s class.  Let’s dig a little deeper.  Why was the class canceled?  In this case I knew both parties involved and knew the class was canceled because the instructor was violently sick and came close to needing a hospital stay.  God answered the prayer by making someone violently sick.  These people were cheering the sickness of another person.  Excuse me, but I’m about to use several curse words.  Turn away now if you are sensitive.  FUCK YOU!  Fuck you to the dad and the kid for celebrating the sickness of the instructor.  Fuck you to God if this is how He answers prayers.  Just a big fuck you all around.

Why was the kid stressed out?  I don’t know for sure, but did the kid procrastinate?  Did the kid seek out help from the instructor?  Did the kid do anything other than bitch and moan to God?  Maybe, but probably not.  That’s what pisses me off.  How much time was wasted praying that could have been used actually doing the classwork?  The dad’s words were “we prayed all night.”  You pulled an all-nighter to fucking pray but didn’t do jack shit on the work you needed to do?!?!  FUCK YOU!

Okay, I’m done.