Atheism Quotes – Bruce Willis

I don’t know if Bruce Willis is an Atheist, but he said this.

“Organized religions in general, in my opinion, are dying forms. They were all very important when we didn’t know why the sun moved, why weather changed, why hurricanes occurred, or volcanoes happened. Modern religion is the end trail of modern mythology.” – Bruce Willis

If only they could die faster.


Atheism Quotes – Steven Pinker

Today’s Atheist quote comes from cognitive scientist Steven Pinker.

“Attacks on atheism are usually personal, moralistic, and atrociously argued (not surprisingly).” – Steven Pinker

My favorite is “you have to believe in something!” Um. Not in some make believe being that kills children.

Atheism Quotes – Aron Ra

Today I bring you another quote from Atheist activist Aron Ra.

“We either base our ‘confidence’ on reason (evident probabilities, past experience, competence, etc) or we base our beliefs on faith, which is blind by definition. Faith is the most dishonest position it is possible to have, because it is an assertion of stoic conviction that is assumed without reason and defended against all reason. If you have to believe it on faith, you have no reason to believe it at all.” – Aron Ra

Well said Ra-man, well said!

Atheism Quote – Sean Carroll

Today’s Atheism quote comes from scientist Sean Carroll.

“Over the past five hundred years, the progress of science has worked to strip away God’s roles in the world.  He isn’t needed to keep things moving, or to develop the complexity of living creatures, or to account for the existence of the universe.” – Sean Carroll

Yep. As science explains the workings of the world, the role God plays will dwindle until it reaches zero.

Atheism Quote – /u/BuccaneerRex

Today’s Atheism Quote comes from reddit user /u/BuccaneerRex.

“I was raised secular, it honestly surprised me when I found out some adults actually did believe deities were real.” – /u/BuccaneerRex

I was an adult before I became secular. When raised in religion you know nothing else and it can be hard to break free from the indoctrination. Indoctrination from a young age is a powerful tool in locking in God into one’s mind. Free and critical thinking must be pushed at a young age. The constant encouragement of asking questions is the antidote to indoctrination.