Atheism Quotes – Nicolas Chamfort

Today’s Atheism quote leaves you thinking.

“I once read that there’s nothing worse for everyone concerned than a reign that’s lasted too long. I’ve also heard that God is eternal.” – Nicolas Chamfort

LOL!  Heaven doesn’t fun.


Atheism Quotes – Emma Thompson

Today’s Atheist quote comes from actress Emma Thompson.

“I’m an atheist… I regard religion with fear and suspicion. It’s not enough to say that I don’t believe in God. I actually regard the system as distressing: I am offended by some of the things said in the Bible and the Qur’an, and I refute them.” – Emma Thompson

Couldn’t have said it better!

Atheism Quotes – Robert G. Ingersoll

Today’s Atheism quote comes from Robert G. Ingersoll.

“If the people were a little more ignorant, astrology would flourish — if a little more enlightened, religion would perish.” – Robert G. Ingersoll

I love this quote!  With the rise of the internet and access to other Atheists and information on religion, religion is on a decline.  A slow decline, but it’s amazing what knowledge can do to one’s critical thinking!

Atheism Quotes – AtheistMel

Today’s Atheism quote comes from AtheistMel.

“Homosexuals do not have an ‘agenda’ that involves brainwashing or converting children to their ways. That’s religion you’re thinking of.” – @AtheistMel

Yep…the brainwashing agenda is owned by religion.  Religion doesn’t exist without brainwashing people away from critical thinking.

Stephen Hawking Dies

This is old news by now but in case you are living under a rock, Stephen Hawking died on pi day of this year, March 14, 2018.  A genius is no longer with us. To all of those asshole religious people out there gleeful that Hawking is now in “hell”, well, maybe he is in your make believe hell, but if he is, Hawking and your make believe Satan are have a great time together, sipping expensive Scotch whisky!!!  And they are laughing at the haters!