Remember the Sabbath

Today is Sunday and it seems like every Sunday someone on my Facebook feed posts something about Hobby Lobby honoring the Sabbath on Sunday by staying closed.  The person posting this usually says something along the lines of “Praise the Lord” and “I support Hobby Lobby because they also praise the Lord.”  Ug.

What’s the deal with the Sabbath?  As we read in the early chapters of Genesis, God created the Universe and everything in it in six days.  At that point this all-powerful God was tired and decided to rest on the seventh day.  Why an all-powerful God who can supposedly do anything needs to rest is beyond me, but I’ll go ahead and accept it for the remainder of this post.

Although I haven’t covered it on my blog yet, one of the ten commandments God gives to Moses is “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.”  This is commandment #4, one of the ten ‘official’ commandments that evangelical Christians want posted in every public place possible.  Later we’ll see that there are many more commandments than the ten everyone talks about.  One has to actually read the Bible to realize there are more than ten commandments.  I know, why would Christians read the Bible when they can let their pastors cherry pick the good parts for them?

If there is a God, and if he gave Moses these ten commandments, it’s very clear that God wants humans to remember the Sabbath, the day that God rested, for all of time.  We are NOT to forget it.  So which day is the Sabbath?  In today’s society, Sunday is treated as the Sabbath by most Christians.  There are several Christian sources arguing that Saturday was the original Sabbath but the day was later switched to the Sunday celebrated today.

What day is the Sabbath, Saturday or Sunday? Do Christians have to observe the Sabbath day?

Which Day Is the Sabbath?

If we are to remember the Sabbath to keep it holy, why do Christians celebrate the Sabbath on a different day than when it was celebrated in biblical times?

Let’s forget this for a second.  After all, I could easily be convinced that it doesn’t matter which day the Sabbath is celebrated on as long as it’s celebrated once during a 7 day week.  Here’s where the whole ‘Hobby Lobby is great because they celebrate the Sabbath by closing their stores’ nonsense really bugs me.  Okay, Hobby Lobby is closed and Christians love it.  What are Christians doing on Sunday after Church?  Do they run off to eat breakfast/lunch at a restaurant, forcing others to work on the Sabbath?  Do they call plumbers and electricians during emergencies on Sundays, forcing those individuals to work on a Sunday?  Do Christians go shopping at Walmart on Sundays because Hobby Lobby is closed?  Joann Fabrics?  Michaels?

Here’s the deal Christians.  It’s fine if you applaud Hobby Lobby for closing on Sundays.  However, you are hypocritical to applaud this if you then do your own work on the Sabbath or force others outside of Hobby Lobby to work.  If you want to be a consistent Christian on Sundays, then you yourself need to stay home.  No working outside in the garden.  No shopping at stores.  No watching live TV of reporters and NFL football players working.  If you applaud Hobby Lobby for closing on Sundays, then you need to do the same thing in your life.  You need to keep yourself free from work so as to honor the God you worship.  He demands it.  Don’t let him down.  If you do, you’re a hypocrite, but more importantly, you’re going to….well, you know where the Bible says you’ll go if you don’t obey God.  🙂