Recap of Joshua

Early this week I finished up my discussion of the book of Joshua.  Joshua was a 24 chapter book detailing the time of Joshua who led the Israelites into the promised land after Moses died.  To put it simply, Joshua is quite possibly the most disgusting book in the Bible.

Death?  Yes.  Murder?  Yes.  Rape?  Yes.  Killing of children and babies?  Yes.  Misogyny?  Yes.  Hardening of hearts?  Yes.  Slavery?  Yes.  Pillaging of cities?  Yes.  Pushing innocent people out of their land?  Yes.  All done by God’s command?  YES!

See what I mean?  This chapter is horrible!  How a person can read this chapter and remain a Christian is beyond me.  This book holds no moral values and is evidence the Bible should NEVER be used to support moral living.  Moral living according to the Bible is to be against anyone who is not like you.  Hating them is not enough.  You must kill them too.

I don’t expect the Bible to get better after this, but it simply amazes me how all of this can be right there in the Bible and yet Christians still hold up the Bible as an amazing book to be used as a guide to lead one’s life.  If you’re using the Bible as a guide to lead your life, you are either faking it or you should be in prison because you’ve likely murdered or raped someone by now.

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